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Hello, and greetings from sunny NC, where a wedding is being planned as we speak. People reading this may or may not want to acknowledge knowing (or being related to) groom Andy Wilson or bride Cat Scheiderich. Either way, those reading this are being invited, and this will hopefully explain some of the questions which they might have.

Saturday, April 11th, 1998.

1pm eastern whatever time.

Courtyard of the Carolina Inn on the UNC campus of Chapel Hill.

Hunter green and royal blue.

"Book of Days" by Enya. The song can be found on one of two albums: Shepherd Moons or a 'greatest hits' compilation Paint the Sky With Stars. The latter is recommended for anyone who has wondered who this Enya person is, anyway.

Tony Etienne

Don't bring any. We have other plans. <Cue maniacal laughter>

Immediately following. Buffet including prime rib, chicken cordon bleu, and tuna steak with tomato leek concase; ginger ale to toast the couple; coffee, tea, milk, and soda to drink.

Hotel Arrangements:
Carolina Inn, which is a wonderful experience. Reservations needed to be made by March 11th in order to get the discount block price. While it's officially too late we're not sure how strict they are; you can try at any rate. Ask for Wilson/Scheiderich (pronounced Shy'drik) when you call them at 1-800-962-8519. A credit card number or one night's prepayment are required to hold the room. Good luck! We recommend their buffet brunch on Sunday.

Closest Airport:
Raleigh-Durham, RDU. At some point we'll set up some sort of method of getting people from the airport to the Inn.

Andy is a grad student in computer science, notably graphics, at UNC Chapel Hill. Cat is an employee of a New Jersey telecommunications company to which she currently telecommutes. There is no job title, but theoretically the work is related to the Internet and is centered around an online service called Genie, which has recently gone Web-based.

The two met online in 1992 on a real-time game called MUSH, which stands for Multi-User Shared Hallucination or Multi-User SHell, depending upon whom you ask. They became fast friends and conversed as such for just over a year before starting to date in '93, and had been dating for ten months before ever seeing one another. Oddly enough, Cat met Andy's parents and uncle about a month before she saw him in person for the first time.

Snail Mail:
Andy Wilson and Cat Scheiderich
105 Timber Hollow Court Apt 329
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

919-933-0985. There is an answering machine for those rare occasions when neither is home.

Email: or

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