We are currently accepting charter memberships for the Wayfarers!

To become a full member of the Wayfarers (2-year membership), dues are only $15.00 (US), $20.00 (Canada), 15 pounds (UK). Contact us for other international rates and the "Extra Family Member" discount!

Full membership benefits include: 

  • A quarterly printed newsletter filled with articles and photos by fellow Wayfarers, updates on Wayne's activities and appearances, PLUS... articles by Wayne will appear as well!
  • An autographed 8X10 publicity photo of Wayne. (Choose from Lorien in color, Lorien in  b/w, Sebastian in color, Sebastian in b/w, or a "Who are you?" color composite.)   A complete bio of Wayne's career.
  • A numbered official Wayfarers membership card or badge (your choice). The badge or    card can be laminated, and badges will come with little clips, so you can wear it to cons    and let Wayne know you support him!
  • Discounts on limited edition merchandise.
  • Special Goodies that pop up... along the Way!

To join the Wayfarers, send payment along with the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Your Nickname/Alias/What you'd like us to call you
  • Your Snail-Mail Address (complete, please)
  • Your Phone Number (optional)
  • Your Email Address (optional)
  • Your Birthday (Year is optional. We just want to know when to send a card :) 

The address is:

The Wayfarers
c/o Jean Prior
PO Box 128759
Cincinnati, OH 45212

Please make your check or money order payable to Jean Prior. Please also write legibly. Jean's not a calligraphic expert. :)