A partial listing of Wayne's career can be located on the Internet Movie Database (US Site). A complete 'career-ography' is available through the fan club.

The characters Wayne is most known for are from Babylon 5, where he played Sebastian the Inquisitor ('Comes the Inquisitor'), Lorien the First One (half of season 4), the Tortured Drazi ('Intersections in Real Time'), G'Dan the Narn ('And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place'), Soul One ('River of Souls' TV movie) and he created the Drakh which appeared in several episodes of season 5 of the series as well as the TNT Babylon 5 movie 'A Call to Arms'.

Wayne has also had guest roles on such shows as Sabrina the Teenage Witch, The X-Files (twice!), Becker, and Frasier.

Other TV and theatre appearances will be listed as quickly as possible.

Wayne and Melanie van Betten in HAMLET
Lorien in his Cave of Thought
It's Jerry Lee Lorien!
Kim Holly and Wayne (dressed up as G'Dan)
Wayne in Drakh makeup
Wayne as Admiral Hudgens from the cancelled B5 Starfury Sim