I Have Survived

Information and Healing Resources from a survivor of child sexual abuse

Welcome to "I Have Survived", a page which I hope will be helpful and useful to anyone who is either a survivor, or working with survivors.

Please note that the contents and images on this page may be triggering to other abuse survivors. Please make sure that you keep yourself safe while reading this, and that you stay in touch with your feelings as you go through this page and the links you choose to follow. Stay safe and keep breathing. -Inanna

If you want someone to talk to, and are in the USA, you can always call 1 800 4 A CHILD
or 1 800 656 HOPE.
If you are in the UK, call the Samaritans on 0345 909090


  • My own story of surviving abuse - told in 6 separate sections, around the pictures on this page. Each part can also be reached by clicking on the images here. For obvious reasons, I identify very much with this red-head, from Neil Gaiman's "Death: The High Cost of Living" comic.

  • Writings and Essays - advice for people, coping with flashbacks, presentations for survivors and partners. The heart of the website is on these pages.

my story part 1
my story part 2

my story part 3

  • On-line Resources - other collections of links, primarily to professional, or survivor-led organisations.

my story part 4

my story part 5 Other stuff my story part 6

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