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Last Update: July 5th, 2002

The river Lethe runs through Hades in Greek mythology. Those who drink from it forget everything. Depending upon who you ask, doing so is either the most terrible tragedy or the most blessed relief, and there are probably people whose opinions fall in the middle ground. I'm withholding mine, except to note that I picked the username to contrast the domain name in my free-mail address.

In a former life, I was known as Linda Scheiderich. I lived in Rome, New York, where I attended kindergarten through high school and met some people. I went to a college not in Rome, and dropped out in 1993. I live nowhere near Rome any more, though I'm on the same coast. I don't know that anyone really wants to find me, but if they do, I've tried to make it fairly easy to do so. My e-mail address is listed below and on (now Yahoo! People or somesuch), and I have listed my elementary through college history on If they ever stop charging to allow friends to contact one another, I'll link to them.

There are absolutely no bells and whistles on this page, and this is a conscious design decision. Some of my other pages are more dressy and include images and the like, but since this one is mostly here in order to give past friends a way to contact me, it is going to remain sparse. Be seeing you.

Possibly Asked Questions

If you want to contact me and you're a voice from my past, please include something I'd remember you by in the subject line. If you're someone who just happened by and you want to write, please include something from the page in your subject line so I don't accidentally mark the e-mail as spam. If you're a spammer and you e-mail me, I will do everything possible to get your account pounded into the oblivion associated with my username-sake.
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