The stars like dust encircle me
In living mists of light
And all of space I seem to see
In one vast burst of sight.
-Isaac Asimov

Welcome to Stardrift

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About stardrift...

We are all drifters in the current of life, no matter how rooted some of us may seem. The stars, themselves no more immortal than we are, guide us in the journey and give us something to strive for and dream about. Underlying all is a (.)net, there to catch us and to remind us constantly that no matter what happens, we have one another. Thus, from the ashes of and from the support of, we have joined together in

All of us on are from varying walks of life, and are at various points in the journey. Some of us have children; some of us are married; some of us are heterosexual. Some of us are card-carrying Democrats or Republicans; at least one of us has joined the party with which she agrees the least so that she can vote for the lesser of the evils in the primaries. Some of us are centrists, and a few of us are completely outside of the US political system by virtue of living in countries other than the US. Our views on some of the most divisive issues: abortion, gun control, religion, and other hot points, run the gamut. Some of us have PhDs, some have bachelors, some have a few years of college but no degrees, and some of us are just old enough to begin college.

Yet we still manage to be friends. We may not always completely agree with one another, or even understand one another, but that has not gotten in the way of the fact that we would all move Heaven and Earth for one another if we could. All of us have stumbled and subsquently found the others rushing to our aid, and all of us rejoice when the crisis passes, or fails to materialize.

We also have things in common. All of us are bear people -- we've gotten past, or even never entered, the stage where people think that bears are for children. Bears are tangible signs of affection, and surrogate hugs for when those we care for are far away. All of us, even those who don't have any of our own, care deeply for children and will do whatever we can to keep them from being hurt. All of us have active imaginations, and none of us are ashamed of using the intelligence with which we were born. All of us love reading, listening to music, and creating in some way or other. Every one of us likes to think we have good senses of humor, but some of us reserve the right to toss pillows at certain people for some of the more atrocious jokes and puns.

Residents and Guests

For now, four residents have their pages started, and there are no guests. We hope to have pages for the other residents in the near future. As people find the pages and correspond with us, we may opt to add their pages as Guests; people who are good friends with one or two of us but not known to the others will generally end up as Guests if they so desire. There is a possibility that Guests may someday end up as residents, though that would necessarily be in the distant future, since we don't yet have any Guests.

Current residents are: Andy, Ashley, Bernadette, Cat, Colleen, Denny, Heather, Jeffrey, Kate, Kirsti, Linda, and Tina.


We hope someday to have a recommended reading list and some more recipe pages. For now, there are the aforementioned recipes and, far more importantly, two pages for survivors of abuse and for those who care for them. Since both are equally important, the order is chronological by date of posting: this link is for the first survivor pages hosted here, and this link is for the second set.

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