The denizens of Spundreams and Stardrift join in mourning for all of the lives lost due to the tragedy on September 11th, 2001. Even though many of us did not know anyone who has died, we all have friends who did. We are still grappling with the shock and horror and intense anger at the notion that any member of the Human race could possibly consider the lives of others to be nothing more than means to an end. We hope that justice will be served, and that our leadership will continue in their careful consideration of actions taken to that end. In the meantime, we also salute the firefighters, police officers, and the volunteers who have put their life on the line -- and continue to do so -- not only in this disaster, but every day of the year all over the country and even the world.

We also deplore the violence leveled against people who, due to style of dress; perceived national origin; or perceived religious affiliation, have been targeted in so-called "revenge attacks". We mourn with the families of the two men who have been murdered and send our heartfelt sympathy to the store owner whose building was burned to the ground; to the woman who was run down in a parking lot; to the man who was severely beaten and the friend who, in coming to his defense, was stabbed; to those who have been shot at; to the congressions of the Mosques, community centers, and schools which have been vandalized; to those who have endured taunts and threats; to those who are afraid to leave their homes; and to those harmed in incidents which we've not heard about yet as well as to those who will suffer in the future. We also extend our thanks to those who have defended and encouraged those targeted, often at the risk of their own safety and lives. We hope and pray that the insanity will end sooner rather than later; that justice will prevail in all of the hate crimes (including the initial bombings); and that the already unbearable death toll will not continue to rise due to the actions of vigilantes.

Last but not least, we encourage those who have not yet given blood to consider doing so in four or five weeks. Blood has a shelf life of forty or so days, but donors must wait at least sixty days in between donations. There will almost certainly be a drastic shortage in those days after which the initial donations are no longer viable but the donors are not yet allowed to give again. In fact, donating blood is a habit worth getting into even in peaceful times.

Last modified 10 October 2001
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