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Last Update: 14 Dec 2001

Hello, and welcome to We are neither a company nor a for-profit organization, nor a not-for-profit, come to that. We are a network of people whose lives have interwoven, for better or for worse, and thus the .net was perfectly appropriate to represent what and who we are. If there are companies out there with the name Interweaving, please be assured that we do not intend to compete with your company or to hold this domain name for ransom. We are not squatters and we're not interested in selling this domain name, full stop. We will be happy to link to any other interweaving domains if the other webmasters worry that people might hit our pages by accident, though it will be via simple hypertext or a small image rather than any animation, large graphics, browser-specific code, or noise. Thank you for your understanding, and please contact us if you own one of the other Interweaving domains and wish to have us redirect users to your page.

This page doesn't link to any of the others in the Interweaving domain. This is on purpose. If you can guess the names of the pages, then you are free to peruse them. Those who should know what exists beyond this portal will be told what to look for. Thank you again for checking us out, and enjoy what the rest of the web has to offer.

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